“God wants so badly for us to form relationships…”

Will and Audrey check in from the D.R.:

This past Monday, we went to our church in The Hole (Hoyo de Bartola) to meet with Pastor Felix Abreu. Felix has kids flooding the doors of the church and they are all filled with energy. Like most places in the world, we try to find ways for children and teenagers to use this energy and channel it in a way that will better their lives and the lives of those that surround them. Once again, this is where God has blessed us by never having to go and search for kids that want to play sports. Because of their desire to get out and compete in a game of some sort, this presents the perfect opportunity for sharing the love of Jesus.

Felix agreed to bring around 25 girls from his church/community to a volleyball court just outside The Hole. For 5 or so hours, we had the privilege of getting to know these girls through conversation, prayer time, devotions and the game of volleyball. God wants so badly for us to form relationships with other people. It’s amazing how you can become so fond of 25 people in such a short amount of time. The truth is, when God opens the doors of communication, you will be shocked at how many people have something to share. We learned so much about these girls (about their families, education, spiritual life, past, dreams, passions) and they are all precious in their own way. After reading that part in the book “Velvet Elvis”, our eyes have been opened to where Christ is in each person, and we’re just trying to point Him out.


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