“God has been opening a lot of doors…”

Isaias Gabriel, the master rapper, checks in from the D.R.:

God has been opening a lot of doors through music, there have been happening things that I never expected to happen in my life. There has been so many people inviting me and my whole youth group to perform songs and dramas; it has been hard to believe. All these activities we have performed are free, we are not charging money or anything like that and somehow God always provides when the money is need it.

Also it makes me proud to see how our youth group has become the youth group that all the churches look up to; like our youth group has been acting with a lot of leadership everywhere we go, and I can see that other youth groups have been appreciating that. They really have become role models, and I’m proud to say that.

I really hope you guys can come down here sometime in a mission trip or just to visit me because I want you all to see with your own eyes what I’m talking about, it’s really cool to see it happening.


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