Eastview Christian Church has made a commitment to support the ministry of Pastor Arcenio Jimenez in Quanamenthe, Haiti. We are able to do this through the ministry of G.O. Ministries, who support local ministry in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and beyond.

Every month, Eastview’s youth ministry collects money to support Arcenio and his Church, and once a year the team travels to Santiago, Dominican Republic, and Quanamenthe, Haiti. G.O. teams help locals complete work projects, engage local children with VBS ministry and strengthen relationships with God’s Church.


G.O. Ministries – Brook Brotzman, co-ordinator (www.go-minitries.org)


Santiago, Dominican Republic

  • The second largest city in the Dominican Republic
  • Population of approximately 1 million

Quanamenthe, Haiti

  • Across the border from Dajabon, Dominican Republic

SANTIAGO, Dominican Republic

Santiago serves as the main ministry hub and hosts a large percentage of visiting teams. G.O. Ministries currently supports five churches in the city and five churches in outlying areas. A Christian school in Haya del Ciamito offers education to 250 children. In Hoya de Bartola (referred to as “the Hole”), a landfill where over 600 families live, a Feeding Center feeds a hot, nutritious meal 6 days each week to 70 of the most needy children. A Medical/Dental Clinic offers free medical aid to the community. Facilitating up to 70 people at a time, a dormitory in Hoya del Ciamito houses short-term team members and visiting guests. The dormitory is located on the second floor of the Ministry Center and the third story serves as a conference area for ongoing training.


Quanamenthe is a large border town a little more than two hours north-west of Santiago, just across the border of Haiti. In a town of over 600,000 people, extreme poverty leaves many desperate for hope. However, the church in Quanamenthe has over 800 members and Pastor Arcenio Jimenez is actively discipling 18 other house churches in outlying areas. The church also functions as a school during the day where over 100 children attend. In addition, a Feeding Center feeds 70 children a hot meal each day. A second-story has been added to the church for a dormitory and Conference Center. In the past year, land has been acquired and Americans have partnered with Puerto Ricans to build a medical clinic. Arcenio has also established an orphanage serving 35 kids ages 1-17.

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