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Go:Haiti 2006 – Through the eyes of the Tods

The following is a movie slideshow created by Alec and Susie Tod of their 2006 experience. Many of these faces may look familiar to you, too. How great would it be to go back this year and greet some of these children BY NAME! If you remember names of these kids, post it in the comments.


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Dare You to Move

Jeff Rogers from G.O. put together this touching little snapshot of the D.R.:

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Drew, Nate and Pete get stumped trying to tell Pastor William that they met “yesterday”. Drew thinks to tell him that “we met before tomorrow,” although no one knows “before” either. And Nate’s just got “trabajar”. Sad.

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G.O. Ministries – an overview

This video is an overview of what G.O. Ministries is doing world-wide, with some familiar faces:

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La Mosca (The Fly)

La Mosca, meaning “The Fly”, is an area of the D.R. that is quite literally a smoldering trash heap the size of a small mountain. It is not unlike the word “Gehenna”, which Jesus used to describe Hell:

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