Travel Info

This page contains information about traveling to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. For a calendar of dates and meetings, click the schedule page.


  • Passport
  • Bible/Notebook
  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent with DEET
  • Work Clothes/Work Shoes (Please do not wear sandals to work in; Ladies – no tank tops or boxershorts.)
  • Work Gloves, water bottle
  • 2 sheets (twin or queen) fitted/flat
  • Church clothes: Men – slacks, shirt with collar; Ladies – conservative dress or long skirt and blouse.
  • Towels (2)
  • Pillow and ear plugs
  • Camera/Film
  • Bathing Suit – No Speedos!!
  • Softball glove if you have one
  • Spending money: Bring cash, no traveler’s checks
  • Flexible attitude
    Optional Items:

  • A photo of self/family (to share with locals)
  • Gift for the host family (dish towels, toiletries, books, etc.)
  • Dramamine: Recommended if you get motion sickness, for the plane and also for the curvy, bumpy ride across the mountains of Puerto Plata to Santiago.
  • Flashlight
  • Clothes to give away (shorts, t-shirts, hats, shoes, makeup)
    What NOT to bring:

  • iPod or other music device
  • Gameboys or similar devices
  • Anything else that could isolate you from the rest of the group
  • Clothes that are too tight or too short


  • Expenses: Airfaire, lodging, food, transportation, administration fees, benevolence, beach fee, and tax are included in the total cost of $1450 (our goal is $1550).
  • Passport: under 16 – $82; 16 or over – $92
  • Extras: Meals/Snacks – $30ish; Souvenirs – up to you!


The emercency phone number is 1-809-971-7083. Phone cards do not work in the Dominican Republic; however, a phone company is within walking distance where team members can pay to call home. Please note that if you have a late flight, you may have to wait until the phone company opens the next morning to place calls.

If friends or family members want to send mail, please encourage them to send it along in the team member’s bag or give it to another member to take along. NOTE: You will be able to contact your child through Drew Moore (826-2945) as long as we are still in the states. We will also have one cell phone designated for emergencies. This number will be available closer to trip time.


If there is a need for medical treatment while abroad, G.O. will see that students get the best care available. Being in the second largest city of nearly a million people is ideal because there are several quality medical facilities nearby. Parents will be responsible for all medical cost, but usually they are very small in comparison to the U.S.

Vaccinations are not required to travel to the Dominican, yet several are recommended. Please refer to for the most recent suggested vaccinations. Everyone must have a current tetanus shot by May 15. All medicine must be in the marked original container; prescription medications must have student’s name printed on them.


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